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Matol UK Announces Sponsorship for South Wales Charity

In May 2013 Matol UK, suppliers of the world renowned herbal formula Matol Km sponsored Innovative Trust’s climb to Snowdon.

Trust member Steve Williams, 60, of Porthcawl, South Wales completed the climb with members of theInnovate Trust, an organisation supporting people with learning disabilities.

The climb marks the charity’s celebration of their 45th year. Steve turned 60 in April 2013. He says he feels 20 years younger due, he claims, to taking Matol Km for over twenty years.

He says, “It felt so good testing out my body. I couldn’t wait to do it again. I organised the climb with the charity to raise money for people in crisis.”

Steve added, after a successful climb with wife Susan, also 60: “I’ve been taking Matol (a herbal formula of 13 herbs and five minerals) along with my wife for the last 20 years. We put the ‘feel good factor’ squarely down to this wonderful herbal formula.”

Steve continues: “Even though my wife has low energy she climbed with me! As I neared the summit, I had a spring in my step and felt I could go even further. The walk was sixteen kilometers long”.

“Thanks to Km we both are able to participate in rigorous activities like this and my wife Susan has stayed well all these years. I’d especially like to thank Chris Langley from Matol UK for sponsoring our charity climb which was a complete success.”

For further information on Univera Km, go to: matoluk.com. In addition, Matol UK have just launched a Facebook site at http://www.facebook.com/13herbs. Tel: Matol UK on 07792 295502


Chris Langley has been promoting Matol, now Univera, since 1995. He has a number of loyal customers who have been using Km and Kaps for over twenty years in some cases.


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