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About Km & Ingredients:

Univera/Matol ® Km Herbal Remedy.  

This extraordinary unique herbal formula was invented in Austria in 1922! Km has changed the lives of millions of people world-wide since it became commercially available in 1984.

Km contains a blend of 13 alpine herbs and 5 minerals.

Here is a full ingredients list.

Herbs: Camomile (herb) Sarsaparilla (root) Dandelion (root) Horehound (herb) Licorice (root) Senega (root) Passion flower (herb) Thyme (herb) Gentian (root) Saw Palmetto (berry) Alfalfa (herb) Angelica (root) Celery (seed)

Minerals: 30.5 milligrams of calcium,  1.4 milligrams of iron, 23 mg  iodine, 350 mg potassium  5.6mg of magnesium per 30ml of Km. Additional ingredients in Km (liquid): Purified water, caramel, glycerin, calcium glycerophosphate, potassium hydroxide, phenylethyl alcohol, peppermint and clove oil.

Refrigeration is unnecessary with Km or Km Kaps.


  • Km: One tablespoon morning & evening.
  • Kaps:  One capsule, three times daily with food. 

Km or Kaps?

  • Km®: good for absorption of the formula.  Kaps, same formula, good for travel 
  • On medication?
  • There should not be a negative effect on regular medication.  Just in case, do confirm with your doctor that Km®/Kaps are safe for you to take on a regular basis.
  • Never substitute any prescribed medication for any food supplement or remedy without consulting your doctor!

Further Details: 

  • The recommended course Km®/Kaps® is 3 months/3 bottles. 
  • You can take Km as long as you wish (as many of our customers do) to maintain your benefits. 
  • How long will a bottle last?  Around 30 days at the above amounts. 
  • What Will I Notice? An uplifting of well being.  Your skin and hair may look better. maybe Experience more energy.  Click here to see what people like you experience. 
  • Around 30% of people feel a benefit during the first bottle. Another 30% during the second; most people during the third bottle.  
  • This is why we do  great offer on the 3 month course – 90 days – which is the three bottle pack. Save 15%!
  • A fair trial is 90 days.  We guarantee during this period you will feel a difference. 

90 day guarantee: 

  • Be delighted from the results you get from Km or Kaps. If not, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee!  
  • If for any reason you are not happy, simply return any unopened bottles for a full refund.*

*We can’t refund on any used bottles. For example,  should you order a three month supply and you try the first bottle, we immediately refund on the returned two bottles.  Refunds are less postage and packing within 90 (ninety) days of the original purchase date.