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Herbs perform many functions.

Dr. R McCaiden writes: I am a psychiatrist who practices integrated medicine as well. I am also an athlete and compete in triathlons. I was introduced to Matol®/Km® about ten years ago. My wife and I live in the country where we grow a lot of our own food, our well water is clean, we are very active athletically and I didn’t feel I needed to take any supplements.

However, after a few days of taking Matol®/Km®, I noticed that I had more energy and I felt calmer and more alert. My wife was also taking it while she was training for a triathlon. She found that she had more energy and her legs wanted to run when she was out on the road.

Several of the herbs found in Matol®/Km® tend to regulate the blood pressure in a helpful way, several of them are good for the kidneys and bladder, some are good for the gastro-intestinal tract, some are good for the liver, some tend to energize the central nervous system, and others tend to calm the central nervous system so that people have a relaxed alertness. Thyme is toted in some research as an anti-aging product and angelica root seems to help women’s hormonal fluctuations. Saw palmetto tends to help middle aged to older men in terms of prostate health. Matol®/Km® is a good source of minerals as well. It contains a lot of potassium which is good for cardiac functions and blood pressure. It is also high in magnesium and calcium and these minerals are protein bound. In other words, they are very accessible to the blood stream and body unlike some pills.

This is an excellent product to help people feel better. Matol®/Km® is outstanding and is second to none.



Chris Langley has been promoting Matol, now Univera, since 1995. He has a number of loyal customers who have been using Km and Kaps for over twenty years in some cases.


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