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Low stock.

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances we are currently rationing present stock. We are expecting new products and Km in July 2016.

Sanctuary Health and Nutrition joins the FSB

In May 2016 Sanctuary Health joined the Federation of Small Business. From business rates to carrier bag charges, Severn Bridge tolls to sick pay legislation, every year the Welsh Government, Westminster and Brussels produce policies that affect the running of your small business. Our team is driven by the issues that matter to our 10,000 members in Wales. We address your concerns and solve
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New Products Coming Soon!

We hope to add a new range of Km inspired shampoo, conditioners and body lotion. We are in negotiation with the manufacturers where if all goes well we should get stock sometime in April 2016.

Matol UK Provides Herbal Drink on National Scale

Matol UK provides customers with top quality herbal drink throughout the United Kingdom in 2016.   Matol UK is a product that focuses on helping people who suffer from low energy and certain skin conditions. This is a well-established company which has been operating for almost a century offering customers a herbal product that they can rely on and trust. This company comprises of an experienced
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Matol Herbal Remedy Sells Over 20 Million Bottles Worldwide

The creator of a unique herbal remedy is celebrating as it sells its 20 millionth bottle worldwide to customers looking to improve their health. Matol, the creator of the unique herbal remedy Km, has reported that it is celebrating after it sells its 20 millionth bottle worldwide. The herbal remedy currently being sold by Matol UK and other global branches of the company is
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Matol UK Now Offering 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on Remedy

Matol UK Now Offering 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on Skin Treatment Remedy The developer of the unique herbal remedy Matol Km is now offering a 90 day money back guarantee on all its liquid and capsule products.  Matol UK, the developer of the patented herbal remedy Matol Km, is now offering a 90 day money back guarantee on its products. Those looking for herbal remedies are
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Doctor and Athlete: More energy from Km

I am a psychiatrist who practices integrative medicine as well. I am also an athlete and compete in triathlons. I was introduced to Matol®/Km® about ten years ago. My wife and I live in the country where we grow a lot of our own food, our well water is clean, we are very active athletically and I didn’t feel I needed to take any
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A Galloping Success!

Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?

Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today Dear EarthTalk: What’s the nutritional difference between the carrot I ate in 1970 and one I eat today? I’ve heard that that there’s very little nutrition left. Is that true?—Esther G., Newark, N.J. It would be overkill to say that the
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Rapid tests ‘would cut antibiotic use

Rapid diagnostic tests are urgently needed to help doctors know which patients need antibiotics, a report says. The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance calls for tests to indentify viral and bacterial infections. Only bacterial infections respond to antibiotics. The review team said such tests could end “just in case” prescribing which sees a huge proportion of antibiotics used needlessly. The review was set up last
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