“We’ve been taking it (Km) for 25 years and hopefully for another 25.”


What Your Body Needs:

Essential bitter herbs and minerals are critical for digestive health.

They have been removed from conventional diets primarily due to their pungent taste.

Km provides these natural phyto-nutrients and recommended daily minerals, in particular potassium, iron, and iodine.

This is where Km comes in:  

  • What is Km?  Km is a unique herbal formula of 13 herbs and 5 minerals invented in 1922.

  • Is it good? Over 80 million bottles have been sold since worldwide launch in 1984.

  • Why? Because people like you receive great benefits as many of our customers have testified. 

  • How? Compared to a few decades ago, soils don’t contain the minerals they once did; vegetables lack vital nutrients.

Try Km and be delighted!  If not – claim our 90 day money back guarantee!  

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