Low Energy? Poor Skin? 

Try Km ® – a tonic of 13 herbs and 5 minerals.

Everyone knows our bodies need essential herbs and minerals.

Critical  for  digestive  and  overall  health,  they have been generally been removed from our modern conventional  diets.

But the unique Km formula provides these natural phytonutrients in abundance.   

Km is a great source of recommended daily minerals and vitamins, in particular potassium and iodine.  All in a convenient daily drink. 

Km has had quite a bit media attention. But some still consider Km their discovery; their secret even.   Now you can discover Km. just like these people.


‘Although  some   other   supplements   may have  similar ingredients  as  Km,  there’s   something   unique  about  Km.  

It takes   one  difference  in  the   chemical   bond.  If   you   have penicillin, you  change  just  one bond  you have amoxicillin.

And   that’s  the way  it  is  with Km. You just can’t take these herbs and throw them in a vat and come out with the results that we get from this product.’

Dr. T Kliner,  U.S. National Board of Certified Internal Medicine.



‘In the 10 years I’ve been involved with Matol, I have personally listened to over 3,000 individuals who have used Matol Km tell me personally how their health has changed.’  

Dr. K. Clark, PhD, Director of Sports Nutrition, Penn Sate University.


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