Live Young with Univera/Matol Km!

We are passionate about you moving effortlessly! Playing fearlessly! Feeling phenomenal! …….

Whether you’re 20 or 120, Univera’s life changing products help you Live Young. At any age.

FUN FACT…your body replaces over 300 million cells EVERY DAY.

Choose:  replace damaged cells with ordinary cells that accelerate the ageing process, or replace with healthy, vibrant cells that keep you…



Everyday stresses, poor eating habits, insufficient exercise and pollution all contribute to cellular damage that accelerates the ageing process. 

What Your Body Needs:

Essential bitter herbs and minerals are critical for digestive health. They have been removed from conventional diets primarily due to their pungent taste. km provides these natural phyto-nutrients and recommended daily minerals, in particular potassium, iron, and iodine. This is where Km comes in:  

  • What is Km?  Km is a unique herbal formula of 13 herbs and 5 minerals invented in 1922.
  • Is it good? Over 80 million bottles have been sold since worldwide launch in 1984.
  • Why? Because people like you receive great benefits as many of our customers have testified. 
  • How? Compared to a few decades ago, soils don’t contain the minerals they once did; vegetables lack vital nutrients.

Try Km and be delighted!  If not – claim our 90 day money back guarantee!  

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