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Km changed my life

I started Km about 8 years ago for a health supplement and was extremely satisfied. As time went on I realized that my pollen allergies to Oak and just about everything green growing were diminished. I used to get an allergy induced sinus infection every spring and fall now I just supplement on occasion during the worst of the allergy season.

My husband and I love Km and will continue to use. My husband has acid reflex and used Km daily to reduce his symptoms. He can really tell a difference if he misses even one day. The taste takes some getting used to but over time, we both admitted that we like it. I believe that the taste changes for you as your body becomes more alkaline and not acidic.



Chris Langley has been promoting Matol, now Univera, since 1995. He has a number of loyal customers who have been using Km and Kaps for over twenty years in some cases.

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