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Herbal remedy Km Testimonials

I felt I had to send you a mail to say a big thank you to Matol Km for changing my life. After suffering a very traumatic ordeal 6yrs (sic) ago my life became miserable.

I spent £100s trying to ease my suffering and it is suffering in many ways. Now thanks to Matol Km I am happy again. THANK YOU MATOL KM FOR GIVING ME BACK MY LIFE AS IT WAS.


Mrs.C.A.Miller, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK.

In 1994, my father saw an article in the Daily Mail about Km.  I decided to give Km a try and it changed my life completely. Within weeks I was sleeping better.  I was full of energy and the black cloud was lifted. I have not looked back since that time and my health seems to continue to improve each year. I now work full time, work out at the gym three times a week and have plenty of energy to play with my grandson.

I’ve recommended it (Matol Km) to friends and family over the years that have seen the remarkable change in me and all have benefited from the various symptoms they suffered.

It (Matol Km) is a truly remarkable product and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Mrs S Williams: still taking Km in  2019!


Susan Williams, Porthcawl, South Wales.

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to let you know how brilliant your remedy matol Km really is.

I switched to Matol Kaps for my holidays in December, during my holiday I must admit to being more energetic as my wife and friends will verify.

I am 71 years old and I feel about 55 – I would recommend Matol Km to anyone, I am sure it will benefit your health – it certainly has mine.

Herbert Marshallsea, Rhyl, North Wales UK.

A friend told me about herbal preparation called Matol. I was sceptical, but I thought I’d give it a go as nothing else was helping.

Within a few weeks of using Matol, I noticed a change ). Within a few months I knew Matol was definitely having an effect. I’ve been ordering Matol now since 2001, and I am still very happy with it – I recommend you try it too.”

Mrs.S.Shackell, Caerphilly. UK.

Hi Chris,

As you know I have been taking Matol for over 15 years.
I was first directed to Matol by a newspaper article spotted by a work colleague.

I was prepared to give anything a try and understood that the results would not be instant.  At first I took the liquid form of Matol but in more recent years I have changed to the Kaps which are far easier to take particularly when you are away.

I gradually felt more able to cope. With the help of Matol I am able to live a full and active life. I ran a guide company for 21 years and worked full time until I was 57 and then part time until I was 60. I am now retired but I am still active looking after two young grandsons, helping at the school when needed and with catering for functions held in our church hall.

My husband and I like walking when we get the chance and I am determined to take up swimming this year. – Not bad for someone who is 62 years hey!

Kind regards

Annette Smith, 62 - Stratford upon Avon

My wife started taking Matol about 17 years ago.  I saw the dramatic effect it had on her health and well being and so I started taking it as well.

It has now become a part of my life. My concentration levels are greater in work, I feel more enthusiastic about things in general and I have the energy to get through the day. This is so important to me as I’m getting older (now 57) and my job is very active. I’ve resolved to continue taking it (matol Km) every day to give me the energy I need. It gives me a real “buzz”.

Mr Steve Williams, 57 - Porthcawl

Hi Chris

 It must have been about 10 years ago when I first heard about Matol, there was an article in the Daily Mail . I continued to take Matol because I also noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I always recommend it to anyone.

Jane Cerrino

Km herbal remedy testimonial Kaps

‘I’ve been using Matol Kaps  for a year now and believe they’ve been a great help. I’m also sure that combined with a sensible eating and exercise plan these Kaps were the extra oomph needed to set me on the right track.

I’ve certainly had more (oomph) since taking them. This has been a long term battle and though not over yet, I will continue to use Matol Kaps.’

Mrs H Thomas, Glamorgan, Wales. - Glamorgan

Matol is so powerful that consumers are willing to pay top dollar for it that has passed it best by date by 10 years here in New Zealand “it has matured nicely”.

Supplies found in a garden shed are almost depleted. Congratulations Chris on making a difference in peoples lives I encourage you to keep the liquid life in a bottle flowing. Cheers & good health.

Garry Woods - New Zeland

I’m a 66 Yr old man with two bad knees and always feeling tired. Since taking Matol I’ve feel so much better that recommended it to my Church minister.

Viv Evans - Port Talbot