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Xtra™ Concentrate x 3

It’s the same reason health-conscious people who want more vitality in their lives love Univera. (They also look to us for joint comfort, flexibility, stress and hunger management… but, you get the idea.) Feed your body and brain with the super nourishment of quick, easy and affordable Univera products.

Xtra™ Concentrate Packets

xtra packets


30 – 1 fl oz packets (29.6 mL)

What Your Body Needs:

When your life began, you were perfect!  You had brand new DNA—the blueprint of life.  Healthy DNA results in healthy cells which contribute to overall well-being and the ability to enjoy life. As you grow older, so does your DNA, which can suffer damage by external factors including stress, pollution and poor nutrition.

There’s good news: your body produces 300 billion new cells every day and you can make them better. Univera Xtra® is an exclusive formula of effective natural ingredients that work to support cognitive function, help manage stress and promote joint comfort.


  • Health Canada approved NPN (Natural Product Number): 80051616
  • Supports focus and mental stamina
  • Helps temporarily relieve symptoms of stress such as mental fatigue and sensation of weakness
  • Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Provides antioxidants

The Univera Advantage:

Xtra contains antioxidant protection to positively impact overall brain function and sharpness. Xtra is also scientifically formulated with Protectin™*, an award-winning, internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility.

*NutraCon 2005 – NutrAward Winner

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