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History of Matol Km: How health benefits of herbs were condensed in a unique formula.

Matol Km: Locking in Health Benefits of Herbs

Karl Jurak 1904-1993

The health benefits of herbs was the goal of scientist and climber Karl Jurak. He believed all nature was interconnected. This inspired him to study plants and their medicinal properties. He researched a variety of herbal formulations, experimenting with many molecular patterns.

During 1922, after eight months of work, Jurak invented a formula that made a real difference to peoples well-being. Friends and family were so impressed by his physical and mental improvement, they asked to try for themselves this natural botanical preparation.

Sincere gratitude of hundreds who experienced the benefits of his formula followed, reporting significant improvement to their health and well-being. Today that formula is known as Matol ® Km.   

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Matol ® Km – Full World-Wide Production Starts:

In 1982, J.F.Robert Bolduc, who speaks here about Matol, was amazed of the health benefits of herbs in Matol® first hand. He decided to make this extraordinary supplement available to people everywhere. Bolduc founded Matol Botanical International Ltd., with a corporate mission to ‘impact world health’.

An award-winning company with over 25 years experience, Matol continually strives to develop and produce the highest quality products possible using state-of-the-art production facilities to ensure the highest standards of purity and safety.

As of August 2011, over 48 million bottles have been sold world-wide.

Matol ® Km in the UK

Matol was introduced into the UK in 1991. Since then Matol has been growing in popularity mainly by word of mouth as customers sing its praises.  Today, Matol Km is available throughout the UK from Head Office  Sanctuary Health & Nutrition Ltd, Cardiff. Also from Kee Technique in London and Healthcraft in Scotland.

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