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Customer sends report on how Matol helps her family.

Chandra Darling wrote on 22nd September: My grandfather use to take it, (Matol) and also sell it. My parents took it at one time, and my brother and I took it a few times when we where sick. We became better faster, and that was MANY years ago. I am now age 36 and may have (removed for complience), and I NEVER forgot about
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Matol UK Announces Sponsorship for South Wales Charity

In May 2013 Matol UK, suppliers of the world renowned herbal formula Matol Km sponsored Innovative Trust’s climb to Snowdon. Trust member Steve Williams, 60, of Porthcawl, South Wales completed the climb with members of theInnovate Trust, an organisation supporting people with learning disabilities. The climb marks the charity’s celebration of their 45th year. Steve turned 60 in April 2013. He says he feels
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