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Herbal Company Gives New Year Detox Hint in One Simple Step

Health company Preventative Measures suggests a healthy New Years resolution by taking Matol Km. Many people have been taking this natural product for over 20 years; they claim Matol has amazing detoxifying effects. Matol Km Sunday Times I have been taking Matol for over 15 years. With the help of Matol I am able to live a full and active life. – Annette Smith,
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The New EU Rules that Say Additives are Healthier for us than Broccoli.

New European rules this month will question eating fruit, vegetables, oily fish, grains, eggs, nuts and poultry are examples of a ‘healthy diet’. The Nutrition and Health Claims regulations were brought in to ban misleading or unproven claims on food and drink products, such as weight-loss promises or claims about mental function or heart health. In their place will be a list of health claims
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Scandal of the poison pen-pushers: How doctors and patients are kept in the dark about potentially dangerous everyday drugs

By DR BEN GOLDACRE PUBLISHED: 22:00, 1 December 2012 | Tamiflu is supposed to be the miracle flu drug. Patients across the UK rely on it. In medicine cupboards everywhere patients have eagerly stockpiled it, and in some winters there has even been talk of rationing. The Government itself has spent £500 million on stockpiling the drug to keep the country from collapse in the wake of a
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