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Hope of fresh treatment for seven cancers after single antibody is found to shrink tumours.

A drug that helps the immune system to break down cancerous tumours has been developed. It has worked on breast, bowel, prostate, ovarian, brain, bladder and liver cancers, while previous studies show it can also be used to fight some blood cancers. If given early, the drug could even be a cure, researchers say. The antibody has so far been tested only on mice,
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Asprin Fights Cancer

A Potent “super aspirin” that can cause cancer cells to self-destruct has been developed by scientists. The hybrid version is much more ­powerful than the conventional painkiller but far less toxic. Prolonged use of traditional aspirin can cause stomach ulcers and kidney failure. But the new compound, known as NOSH, can be used in lower doses and has fewer side effects. In tests on
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